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My name is Patrick Pabouet . Originally, I am from Boston and have lived in The Hague nearly 5 years. I started my journey working with the body 10 years ago as I worked in a chiropractic clinic in America. But my real exploration began when I moved here and started using my body and increasing my physical abilities in ways I never dreamed. I have studied the works of Thomas Myers of Anatomy Trains and use his philosophy to work with the lines of connective tissue within the body. I graduated from ProActive Academy in the UK with my Sports Massage degree in 2019 and have since continued my education by studying various modalities including;  Decompression Cupping, Graston Technique, Lymphatic Drainage and Corrective Exercise. I recently opened my own chiropractic clinic in Den Haag, Essential Chiropractic, and  look forward to helping others achieve their maximum potential for many years to come!

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